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What is RSS? [Rss Icon]

[RSS Image]   RSS (often referred to as feeds, news feeds or web feeds) is a technology used to quickly deliver updated news and/or web content and allows the user to read this content in a variety of different ways. To use a RSS feed, you will need to subscribe to one of the popular web-based feed readers (for more information and a list of feed readers go to Aggregators & Podcatchers). If you need assistance or would like to learn more about RSS feeds, visit Evolvepoint.

How to Subscribe? [Rss Icon]

There are several ways to subscribe to this RSS feed. You can:

  • drag the orange RSS icon or the blue XML icon into your feed reader's list area,
  • drag or copy the URL of the RSS feed into your feed reader or
  • right click the orange or blue icon and cut and paste this link into your feed reader.

Ready to Subscript? [Rss Icon]

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